Museum Management Consultants, Inc.

Consultants to Cultural Organizations

Museum Management Consultants, Inc. (MMC) helps cultural organizations thrive in a competitive and changing environment.

MMC is known for its expertise in organizational assessment, institutional planning, executive search, audience research, professional coaching, and board development. Founded in 1987 and based in San Francisco, MMC has provided consulting services to over 400 museums of art, archeology, history, natural history, and popular culture; science centers, and zoos; as well as theaters, foundations, and other nonprofit cultural organizations and government agencies throughout the United States. MMC helps organizations accentuate their strengths, address critical issues, and move strategically into the future.

MMC staff members are not only experienced consultants, but they have also served cultural organizations as trustees, directors, development officers, and educators. Our comprehensive understanding of cultural organizations "from the inside out" allows us to provide our clients with a seasoned and knowledgeable perspective. Our philosophy is rather simple and reflects our core values:

  • We genuinely believe in putting the client first.
  • We strive continually to achieve superior quality in our work, and we support the highest ethical standards in our relationships with our clients and with their communities.
  • We believe that every organization is unique, and thus our process is tailored to meet each client's specific needs and objectives.